What Keyboard Tracer Does

Keyboard Tracer records all keypresses on your computer keyboard

Keyboard Tracer scrupulously and patiently records everything pressed and typed on the keyboard plus provides a number of additional forensics functions useful both at home and in the office.

The program can work silently and invisibly providing you with a reliable intelligence report on what is going on on your computer during your absence.

The latest version features automatic screen snapshots at stated intervals to give you not only textual but also visual control over the computer. And the text input is also enhanced in the latest release: Keyboard Tracer now logs all text copied to the Clipboard.

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* – IE logging no more supported.

Our Customers Say

Amazing Product - Nothing seems to be better

I am working as a system administrator in a small firm and need to make screening from time to time. This tool does the wok like a charm and nobody noticing it.
Ronald Poirier
- System Administrator
I am using this tool to check what my kid doing at the home computer when he is alone. I got many surprises to which I should pay attention as a good parent.
Very good designed software especially for such home users like I am. This little tool is monitoring my work computer and I know now who, when and how trying to manipulate...
It is the best keyboard monitoring tool at market. So thin and cheep, but very powerful in the right hands. Do you know what your wife written to her mom yesterday? He-he, I know now :)

Download it now and check how it works for free!

It is your chance to try it in your PC configuration and make sure it works as you expected.


Keyboard Tracer v2.94 Released

Fixed: disabled Clipboard logging option did not affect the actual program work. Only one copy of logger can be executed at the same time. We add this functionality to exclude the possible memory leaks and support the stable work of the logger module. We have worked hard to provide you with the best possible solution […]

Keyboard Tracer – Keeping TABS on Keyboard Strokes

Article by Gilbert Harris, published on Playbuzz on Sep 17, 2017 Software’s has been designed to make life easier, and this is the same with the keyboard tracer software. That is because when you want to know what is going on in your home’s computer, then this is the ideal detective. Keyboard tracer software is also […]